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Springvale Church in York Region, Ontario is a big church that nurtures families and cares for every person.


  Teaching and Lead Pastor - Ed Fontaine   Meet Our Staff →

Teaching and Lead Pastor - Ed Fontaine
Meet Our Staff →

"If you want to be powerful salt and bright light in York Region; if you want to truly be a redemptive presence – then teach your family to treat one another and everyone around them with compassion regardless of their brokenness."
- Ed Fontaine

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Our Vision

Christ-Centered Families

Here at Springvale we believe that the best way to become passionate followers of Jesus is in the context of families who care for one another and become a redemptive presence in the community around them. This is why nurturing Christ-centred families is the heart of what we do. 


The Six core values

Life with Jesus is dynamic, not static. It involves action and progression (and sometimes regression). Every healthy living thing goes through seasons of change and growth. It's the same with our faith. You can't follow Jesus and stay where you are. This is why we believe that there are six core values that every passionate follower of Jesus should be engaged in.

(1) mission
(2) community
(3) worship
(4) god's word
(5) prayer
(6) service

Each one is important which is why we want to help people grow in all six. All of our programs, gatherings, and ministry initiatives are designed with these values at their core. Here at Springvale we want to explore what it really means to follow Jesus together.



Springvale Church is a member of The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches - FEBCentral Region.