we are excited about christmas at springvale!

Christmas is a pretty big deal for us mainly because it is a season of celebration! It is also one of our key seasons in the year that we get to come together as one big family and work on something TOGETHER. Students, young adults, parents, grandparents, there is something for everyone to enjoy and be a part of. Join us!

Be a part of our one of our EVENT teams

We have three big events this year and A LOT of different ways for people to help out. It's all about coming together and working as one to create a pretty cool experience for our community. If you are not sure where best to help, don't sweat it! We will help you get plugged in. Just email Lillian at lillian@springvale.org.

Be a part of our Social Team

Spread the word about our events on Instagram and Facebook. Download these graphics by right mouse clicking and click "Save As" to use them on your Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @springvale_ . And check our our FACEBOOK page to share our events. It is an easy way to invite and spread the news!

Want to know more about our Christmas season events?

Questions about the Christmas Party? Contact lillian@springvale.org

Questions about the Christmas Cafe? Contact g.heywood@springvale.org

Questions about Christmas Eve? Contact g.heywood@springvale.org