we are excited about christmas at springvale!

Christmas is a pretty big deal for us mainly because it is a season of celebration! It is also one of our key seasons in the year that we get to come together as one big family and work on something TOGETHER so that the Good News of Christmas can be shared. This year we are running our annual free community Christmas Party at the church on Saturday, December 8 from 1-4pm and two Christmas Eve services on Monday, December 24 at 4:30 and 6 PM. We are fully dependent on God to take our efforts and turn it into fruit for his Kingdom!

PRayer Requests

  1. That people will be drawn to the truth of the Gospel as it is given out at the Christmas Party and shared in the message on Christmas Eve.

  2. That God would place people on our hearts to invite to both of these events.

  3. That our congregation would engage in inviting.

  4. That we will have people come to the Party and Eve that have never heard about Jesus before.

  5. That all the details will fall into place.

  6. That we will have enough people serving at the Party (both for set up and the day of) and at Christmas Eve.

  7. For our new Worship Director (Ashley van der Walt) as his first day is on December 1 at Springvale.