Thank You For Your Continued Faithfulness

Easter is a time for family, friends to gather and remember the Greatest Gift ever given; our Saviour Jesus. As we celebrate, we are reminded that he willingly laid down his life that our lives might be radically changed. Now that's some gift!

It's been said that "the spirit of Christianity is not a have-to spirit, it's a want-to spirit". At Springvale, we believe that everything we have is a gift from God. So, as we give with our characteristic "instinctive generosity", we do so as a simple expression of thanks for God's goodness. 

Ways To Give At Springvale

  1. Online Giving
  2. Drop money off in our offering plate on a Sunday morning.
  3. Pre-authorized Withdrawal
  4. Legacy Giving

If you have any questions around contributing financially to the life and work of the church, contact us

Refund Policy

Springvale Baptist Church will refund money for a paid event should the event be cancelled. If a participant is unable to attend an event/program that they paid for, a refund may be possible but is at the discretion of the organizer. Normally there is no refund on donations but we acknowledge there may be instances in which a gift is made in error, such as a wrong amount or duplicate entry.

Shipping Policy

It is not the practice of Springvale to ship/mail any purchased tickets or goods purchased through Springvale. Individuals will be able to pick up their items at the church as indicated by the respective ministries.