Our High School ministry is for students in grades 9, 10, 11 & 12. We strive to create a safe environment for our students, away from their daily stresses of life where they can ask questions, learn and grow to understand God's love for them  as we get rooted in God's Word.

What we ARE PAssionate about

High School is tough! Our teens are faced with more anxiety, stress and social pressure than any generation before them. We want our students to have a strong community of friends with solid influences in their life, but our passion is seeing them start to take ownership of their faith and grow in their relationship and understanding of God. We provide opportunities for them to Belong, Grow and Serve  through our programs and events.

It is important to know that our ministry works best when a student is involved in all aspects of the ministry. Each program is designed to fulfill a specific purpose within our Discipleship process and together they work as a whole.

Partnering with Parents

We recognize that parents are the primary spiritual influence in a student's life and our role is to partner with parents in this journey. Our partnership lives out in many different ways:

  1. Consistent communication on what is going on and what is being taught. 
  2. Open Door Policy for parents to talk to us about what is happening in your student's life.
  3. Resources...check out recommended resources webpage!
  4. We look for opportunities for parents to connect with leaders directly.

We need some things from parents too!

  1. Make involvement in our High School ministry a priority in your student's calendar.
  2. Meet your student's leaders and get to know them, encourage them in their work.
  3. Pray for the ministry and leaders consistently.
  4. Tell us what is going well, what are some of your concerns and if you need resources. We will do our best to point you in the right direction!

What we Do

Want to get the most out of High School? Start by getting involved in our "Big Three" consistently: Big Ticket Events, All Tribe Programs, Tribe Small Groups.

Big Ticket Events

Our Big Ticket Events are where we get together as one big group and do something amazing! Paint Wars has become a favourite but be prepared for new and exciting things coming up!

All Tribe Programs

We are in the process of developing our All Tribe program model. Over this 2017-18 Ministry year we hope to start building Student Leadership teams where students can develop their gifts and skills and use them for ministry. Some possible All Tribe programs include a special Sunday class or a Serve event.

Tribe Small Groups

A Tribe is a smaller group gathering mid-week where we can hangout with friends but spend a good chunk of time learning about God through reading his Word and prayer. All High School Tribes use the same curriculum so we are all studying the same thing. They happen 2-3 times/month and are split into grades 9 & 10 and 11 & 12 however sometimes we may split up in certain ways due to the topic we are studying. 


We usually have two retreats a year including our Kick Off Retreat in the fall and SnoCamp at Muskoka Woods in the winter.

Missions Week

Our High School missions week typically happens in the summer.  You need to apply to be a part of this week and one of the expectations is that you have been consistently involved in Springvale High School for at least 6 months.