Junior High

We are the youth ministry for students in grades 6, 7 & 8!

There are two ways to register. You can download the paper copy by clicking on the "Waiver" button and handing the form into the Office or emailing greg@springvale.org or register online and only sign the waiver portion of the paper copy.

upcoming events

Christmas Party! - Saturday, January 16  5-8pm.

Tribe (Small Group) Info

We believe small groups is where people open up and encourage each other. One way we do that is by having Tribes. Tribes is a mid week small group where students and leaders support each other and learn about God and how he’s relevant to our lives. We meet 2-3 times each month. 

Tribe Nights and locations

Tuesday Nights @ The Kamerman's (Stouffville) - Registration is now closed for this Tribe.

Wednesday Nights @ The Church (Stouffville)

Thursday Nights @ The Holmes' (Claremont)

Sunday Junior high Class

During 11:00am Service Beginning October 22 - In the Tank (students will be dismissed from main service)

junior High sunday school class.jpg

This year we are calling students to really dig deep and see where they are in their relationship with Jesus. Are they a fan of Jesus or are they a follower of Jesus? One of the tell-tale signs of a follower of Jesus is someone who intentionally shares about Jesus with their friends. We want to help equip students on Sunday mornings by addressing some of the big tough questions that people have towards Christianity; questions such as "Why does God let bad things happen?", "How do I know that the Bible isn't just some out-dated book?" and some others. We'll be doing this series in a fun way, because learning can be fun.



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