Sharing in community

At Springvale we believe that one of the six journey essentials in following Jesus is sharing in community. For adults, the best place to do that is through Life Groups. If you're a teenager, you may want to check out our TRIBES

"Everybody needs someone who knows their name, and what's happening in their life." - Reggie Joiner

What Is a Life Group?

Life Groups are regular gatherings of a small group of people, usually in homes, joining together to become passionate followers of Jesus that are a redemptive presence in their communities.  It is one of the only programs we strongly encourage all adults at Springvale to make a life priority.

Will I be comfortable?

We have women's groups, men's groups, combined groups, and for various age levels from young adults to seniors. The groups meet in various locations around York Region. Although we encourage commitment, people are free to leave and join another group that is a better "fit".

What happens in a life group?

We try to become a strong family where we create a place to belong. We share in community. We study and discuss God's Word together. We pray together. We love by serving each other and we are on a mission to share Christ's love serving outside the group as a living worship to God.

Find Your Group

We prefer you check out our list of open groups and contact the leader directly. Or you can fill out the form and we will help find the best fit.


How can I serve in a Life Group?

In Life Groups, we all participate in serving one another. However, we are always looking for people who are willing to lead a group or host a group by opening up their home.  

We also need Life Group Team members who help build this small group ministry at Springvale and who are coaches to help encourage, support, and resource the group leaders.

Life Group Resources for Leaders

Many leaders use sermon-based questions prepared for them each week to further explore what is taught Sunday mornings. 

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Leading SSW Prayer Guidelines