A Prayer Summit is designed to be a gathering of Christians who spend time seeking the Lord and His agenda for their individual lives, families, church and community.

It is a gathering of individuals who take seriously their responsibility to corporately prepare their lives and church for an outpouring of God’s blessing

But it is much more!!!

  • It is an unprecedented group and individual experience of the glory of Christ within and among His people
  • It is a prolonged praise and prayer meeting at which individuals discover and express their oneness in Christ.
  • It is an environment where personal revival is nurtured and common
  • It is the beginning of a new expressed dependence on God in the church and the first phase of real revival


  • We will seek God’s face more so than His hands
  • We want to talk to Him, not just about Him
  • We want to sing to Him, not just about Him
  • It will be Scripture Fed, Spirit Led, Worship based prayer


There is no agenda for the time we will spend together. There will essentially be four basic components we will experience:


Early in the session we will strongly focus on prayers of praise and worship.  Later on as the Spirit leads, we will enter into other dimensions of prayer (confession, surrender, etc.). 


Spontaneous songs of praise and worship will be encouraged throughout the summit.

Scripture Reading

The interspersing of Scripture is vital to the summit since we will be there to hear from God via His word.  We will be encouraged to read a passage aloud at any time in which the Spirit of God directs.

Personal Response

As the Lord directs, we will be encouraged to make personal responses as part of the flow.