A partnership with Eastridge Church

update - February 2017

The Iraqi refugee family we intend to sponsor remains in Amman, Jordan awaiting more information on the status of their applications.  While we hope and pray they are eventually approved for travel to Canada, they are also in process with the United States.  Please join us in praying for strength and encouragement for the family in this time of uncertainty and waiting upon the Lord's leading.

In the interim, we've been sponsoring the family with a modest monthly donation to support their basic living needs.   The family has been blessed by this act of love and support. 

Together we are asking ourselves, what will our response be to the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time?

There are more people fleeing their homes from the threat of war and conflict than at any time since WWII.  Over the last 5 years, the conflict in Syria has driven over 4 million people across their borders and into the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq.

Right now, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced across Northern Iraq due to a surge in violence from armed groups.

It is our desire to respond as a community by sponsoring a family to be resettled and welcomed into our community.