Human trafficking, the illegal trade of human beings, mainly for the purposes of forced labour and sex trafficking, is not just a concern for impoverished underdeveloped countries; it is concern for Canada. A21, an organization that rescues people out of "The Game", describes this horrendous injustice as the world's fastest growing criminal activity. 

Join us on March 28, 7-9pm

at Springvale Church 3885 Stouffville Rd, Stouffville

for an evening of education, prevention, prayer & action

Keynote Speaker:                                                                                                                                                                 Casandra Diamond - BridgeNorth Director                                                                                                                      Casandra Diamond draws on her own experiences in the sex industry to provide holistic care to commercially sexually exploited individuals through prevention strategies, exit strategies, and safety planning. BridgeNorth is a community organization based in York Region that helps exploited women and girls build healthy lives they want to live.  bridgenorth.org                                                                                                                                      


Brett Ullman - Speaker & Author, Worlds Apart

“The Porn Talk” This training talk will challenge beliefs, behaviours and look beyond ourselves at how porn might be hurting others around. The goal is to equip and empower individuals on how to navigate this conversation no matter if you dabble, struggle or are addicted to pornography in any of its forms. brettullman.com


Marianne Deeks - Youth Worker, Teacher and Speaker with Youth Unlimited.   

Building Resiliency in our Kids" looks at how to talk to kids about sex, pornography, social media and most importantly self-esteem. Marianne will help to equip, empower and provide hope parents, teachers, and leaders on how to have these seemingly awkward but critical conversations in an effective way that connects them with their kids. mariannedeeks.ca


Melanie Rhora - Founder, Cyber Smart Canada  

"Dangerous Aps" In this session, the discussion will highlight app features that get kids into trouble, how predators use those features, as well as how to recognize the top five most dangerous apps for kids.  Melanie will provide some great tools to protect you and your kids online. cybersmart.ca


please keep our speakers, partner organizations and #SNFS team in prayer as we continue to plan and promote this event.

According to a research initiative on the incidence of human trafficking in the province, Ontarians are in dire need of awareness. Some of the findings:

  • 63% of victims trafficked in Ontario are Canadian citizens
  • 90% are female
  • 63% are between the ages of 15-24
  • Approx. 34% entered exploitative trafficking via boyfriends acting as pimps
  • 96% of victims experienced multiple forms of violence

Click HERE to hear from three influential activists in York Region representing a voice for the trafficking victims, calling to end the demand and informing people on how they can make a difference. 

Click HERE to read an article published by Christian Courier highlighting #ShesNotForSale.

There are various local organizations that work to end human trafficking and support victims and survivors. Learn more about what is being done locally and how to get involved by clicking the links below.

These include:

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