We are all on a journey. Let's Journey together!

We believe that all people are on a journey with God and we can choose how we respond to his invitation to go deeper.

While we are in this sermon series in January/February 2018, make sure you receive our weekly email with questions/reflections to help you disciple your own Heart and Home with each essential!

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The Essentials

The New Testament show us that six Essential Practices are necessary to help you progress in your Discipleship Journey.

Our discipleship model


Your Part

Jesus has called you to be a disciple and our growth is our own responsibility. Only you can choose to obey what God has said in the Bible.

Our next responsibility is to our immediate family members. God has called us to support each other's discipleship journey. We must start with our HEART and HOME.

How we help

At Springvale we want to help you BELONG, GROW and SERVE. We do that by offering Worship Services, Teams and Groups where the six Essential Practices are infused.

WORSHIP SERVICES: We join together as a community weekly for worship, learning and fellowship. Join one of our services at 9:15 & 11:00 am. (We have kids programs too!)

GROUPS: Small group discipleship experiences facilitate personal spiritual growth through sharing, accountability and mutual learning. Find yours today!

TEAMS: Our church family depends on the spiritual gifts, experiences and skills of Springvale people to accomplish the mission. It is important to explore where you can play a role as a faithful member of at least one of our teams.