Thanks for your interest in serving in Springvale Youth! We are very excited about our upcoming season and already have a lot of things in the works. Whether you are a returning Leader or brand spanking new...we would love the opportunity to chat through what a year in the life of a Springvale Youth Leader would look like! Just drop us a line or give us a call!

Email: zac@springvale.org or Phone: (905) 887-5651

THE 2017-18 Ministry Season

We had a great season of evaluation of our ministry which included many conversations with parents, leaders and students. As a result we are going to make some changes this upcoming season and will be continually evaluating and adjusting as we go. Briefly, here are some key changes for 2017-18.


While we are one big happy Youth Ministry family, we are going to be running Junior High and High School separately. This means different Leaders' training simply because each age group is different and needs different things!


All general program communication to parents and leaders will be done centrally through the Youth Office. No more emails from Tribes to families.


The calendar will be set by the Youth Office. This includes the weeks that Tribes run. We will have September to December available in the next couple of weeks.


We have developed job descriptions for our Junior High & High School Leaders. We have done our best to be as clear as possible about expectations. One thing  we hope you will appreciate is that we are doing our best to limit  your time commitment to one evening a week.  Check them out!

One of the key changes is the expectation of regular involvement in church life at Springvale. Our youth need to see what it means to be part of a church family from their Leaders. It is also a good opportunity to have those casual check-ins and meet parents.

Please note that there are some smaller details we are still working out (Leadership groups within the ministry, etc.) So if you commit to being a Tribe Teacher that may require you to have a meeting with all the other Tribe Teachers a couple of times throughout the year. We are committed to springing as few surprises on you as possible!

We are also redefining what it means to be a Youth Ministry Leader. While you will be part of a Tribe, you will be a Junior High Leader (for example) which means participating in all programs and events and seeking out youth who aren't just in your Tribe. Now it doesn't mean that you are going to be responsible for discipling ALL the kids in Junior High. Just that your mindset and actions will be inclusive of everyone.


Tribes (small groups) are staying...but it's being tweaked a bit.  Here are some of these tweaks.

  • Tribes is only one part of a BIGGER ministry. We want our students to experience all that we have to offer as each program and event is designed to serve a different purpose within our Ministry Philosophy. We also want to strengthen the larger community of the ministry through Big Ticket Events and All Tribe programs. This means shifting slightly away from individual Tribe programming and creating more opportunities for students to get together as a larger group. For example, our end of the year celebrations will now be done as an All Tribe event. 
  • High School Tribes will be split by grades 9 & 10 and 11 & 12. Junior High will remain the same. Depending on the topics/curriculum, we may split up by gender and grade for the study.
  • We want to strengthen the "GROW" component of the Tribe model which means increasing the quality of what is being taught and practiced within Tribes. Curriculum will be the same for Tribes within Junior High and likewise for High School. The Tribe teachers will be able to speak into the selection of the curriculum.
  • Tribes will run only 2-3 weeks/month and not on the weeks we have retreats or other events.