Springvale Youth Parents

Hi Parents! Here you will find information on our curriculum that we are using in our programs. Make sure you check out our Family Resources webpage for recommendations on books, websites, and other good sources of information to help you on your parenting journey.

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Curriculum we are using

Junior High Class

This will be a six week series where we will dig into some of the tough questions we will face when we talk to our friends about Jesus. The topics covered will be:

  1. How can I trust that the Bible is true - Part 1. 
  2. How can I trust that the Bible is true - Part 2.
  3. Dinosaurs, evolution, and creation
  4. Why does God allow bad things happen?
  5. Why exactly did God require a blood sacrifice?
  6. Burning Question (leaders will take some of the questions of the students through the unit and answer them).

junior high tribes

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High school tribes

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